Vocational Rehabilitation

Available for persons with disabilities residing in San Diego, Imperial,  Riverside, and Orange counties.

CCC, Inc. recognizes the uniqueness of every disabled person receiving services under various federal, state, and municipal programs –as such, goals and objectives set and services selected for each program participant will reflect that uniqueness – program outcomes will vary but the best indicator is for participants to obtain and maintain suitable and gainful employment – there are many program resources available to our counselors to achieve this goal to include education, training, direct placement, referral to outreach programs, and agencies, et al. CCC, Inc. provides a full range of vocational rehabilitation counseling services in evaluating personnel for developing realistic and effective vocational rehabilitation programs. Such services include but are not limited to:

  • Identification of restrictions on employ-ability due to disability conditions
  • Review of medical records to determine functional residual capacity
  • Assessment of wage earning capacity due to disability conditions or other disabling issues
  • Assessment of Abilities, Aptitudes, and Interests – quantitative assessment to include objective data from tests, qualitative evaluation of client’s pattern and/or constellation of abilities, aptitudes, and interests from interviews
  • Identification of services and assistance needed to achieve rehabilitation
  • Assessment of employment opportunities consistent with physical limitations
  • Identification of vocational goals and education & training programs
  • Initial Evaluations & Recommendations
  • Disability Case Management
  • Voucher Services
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Plan Development
  • Job Analysis for & Customary, Alternate, Modified, or Representative Employment
  • Labor Market Survey
  • Expert Testimony
  • Ergonomic Work Site Evaluations