Career Transition Services

Career Guidance

career-guidanceReceive guidance in exploring your career options, deciding on a career or educational goal, implementing your job search, or just have your most pressing career questions answered. Bilingual counselors available.  

Vocational Assessments

vocational-assessmentsOur counselors are experienced and qualified to administer and interpret all nationally recognized vocational testing tools, including the following but not limited to: (1) Interest Inventory (Career Occupational Preference System [COPS] and Strong Interest Inventory); (2) Aptitude/Ability Tests (Career Ability Placement System [CAPS] and OTIS Mental Ability); and (3) Achievement Tests (Wide Range Achievement Test [WRAT] and Raven test for intellectual capacity); and (4) Psychological/Personality Inventories (Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire [16PF] and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator [MBTI], et al.

Job Search Assistance

job-search-assistanceAvailable for job seekers who have identified a vocational objective. Receive job leads and assistance in sending your resume to various employers.

Labor Market Research

labor-market-research-job-opportunityGet up-to-date information on openings, wages, physical, education & training requirements, or anything you want to know about a specific occupation or industry. We’ll do the research!

Education & Training Referrals

educationObtain information and referrals for providers of short-term vocational programs, undergraduate and graduate programs, and non-traditional programs for non-traditional students.

Resume & Cover Letter Development

job-referralLearn which format is best suited for you, how to write your own resume and cover letter, or have our counselors create one for you.

Cover Letter & Resume Editing

resumeAlready have a resume? Have our counselors review your documents. Receive tips that will take your resume to the next level.

Interview Preparation & Practice

interviewGain insight on interview methods, common questions, and the three most important aspects to keep in mind when being interviewed. Practice sessions are recommended for serious job seekers.

Negotiation Strategies

negotiationDevelop your negotiation skills. Understand when it’s okay to begin negotiating in your job search. Learn how to respond to salary questions to further you in the interview process. Gain insight to many more tips!